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The 2020 May 3rd STAR Evaluations event

at PYCO has been cancelled.


Please check with your piano teacher regarding

how and when you will receive your STAR exam this year. 


Annual Pin with Neck Ribbon for display


Level 5

Olympic Style Medal

Annual Pins with Neck Ribbon 

plus Certificate  --  all students each year receive recognition for their involvement.  


Drape Medal  --  special recognition for completing Level 3.


Olympic-Style Ribbon Medal  --  for successfully completing Level 5.

"TOP TIER" medal with printed neck ribbon -- after successfully completing level 8.


Senior* or Level 12 Plaque 

*Seniors must have participated in evaluations at least five years



Awards* for Seniors


​$500 for seniors who complete level 12

$250 for seniors who complete level 11

$125 for seniors who complete level 10


(*awards require five year participation and a score of at least 90 percent on both theory and performance exams)


Also available... STAR T-Shirts -- memento  T-shirts with colorful designs and playful graphics are available for only $16.  Contact Suzanne Givi ( for ordering details.


Level 3

Drape Medal

Senior or Level 12 Plaque

Level 8 Medal with "TOP TIER" ribbon

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