Performance Competition

 Solo Performance Competitions – 2022


SOLO PERFORMANCE COMPETITIONS (Coordinating Chairperson: Arnel Montgomery) are held in four categories based on age levels. EARLY ELEMENTARY (up to age 9), Elementary (up to age 11), EARLY INTERMEDIATE ( up to age 13) and INTERMEDIATE (up to age 15). Students must perform both solo pieces from memory. 


A First and Second place award will be given for each level. The First place winner in each level performs both pieces at the May general meeting.  The First place winner in each level may compete again in the same level (based on the age criterion) or move to a higher level (again based on the age criterion).

Deadline for applications in all levels is a postmark date of March 15. There will be NO exceptions.

Teachers (not parents or students) must submit the applications, which are available on the website or at the general meetings.  See individual descriptions below for required pieces, specific contact person for each level, dates and location of competition, fees, and award amounts.  All fees are non-refundable.

Audition times are specific and final the day of the event and latecomers cannot be accommodated.


Only one entrant per level per teacher will be allowed.  Age is determined by January 1 of the competition year.

Teachers of winning solo students will be notified by email the day of the competition.  The judges’ decision is final and may not be challenged by teacher, entrants, parents or guardians.

REMINDER:  A teacher must be a paid member of PPTA by September 1, prior to the date of the competition.  The students must have worked solely with the PPTA member on all pieces performed or submitted for the competition.

Coordinating Chairperson: Arnel Montgomery / 412-860-7093 or 412-795-7947 /

Solo Performance Competition Application 2022

Solo Snippets PDF 

Send completed applications for performance competitions to individual chairpersons listed below.

Early Elementary (up to age 9) PYCO School of Music Room 201, Saturday, April 23, 2022

Alice Molicki / 561-568-2905 /

Certificates and monetary awards:  ($25, $15) Entry Fee $15

Raspberry Rag by Melody Bober
published by Alfred


Minuet in G, BWV Anh. 116 by unknown composer
Any Standard Edition

(No Repeats)


Elementary (up to age 11) PYCO School of Music Room 201, Saturday, April 30, 2022

Raelene Bluhm / 724-687-7141 /

Certificates and monetary awards: ($50, $25) Entry Fee $15

Le Petit Rien by Francois Couperin
Snell Piano Repertoire series, Baroque & Classical Level 3

Published by Kjos


Touch a Rainbow by Dennis Alexander
Published by Alfred

Early Intermediate (up to age 13) PYCO School of Music Room 203, Saturday, April 23, 2022

Haddie Weber / 412-655-3469 or 412-897-8002/

Certificates and monetary awards: ($50, $25) Entry Fee $15

Two Roosters by Sergey Razorenov


Sonatina in G major Op. 36 No. 2 First Mvt. Allegretto by Muzio Clementi

Both pieces are found in Succeeding with the Masters, The Festival Collection Book 4

Collected by Helen Marlais, published by FJH Music Company


Note: Any Standard Edition of the Clementi Sonatina is acceptable

Intermediate (up to age 15) PYCO School of Music Recital Hall, Saturday, April 30, 2022

Richard Pinkerton/ 412-841-3937 /

Certificates and monetary awards: ($75, $35) Entry Fee $20

Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum from Children's Corner by Claude Debussy
Durand Edition/Roy Howat, editor or Any Standard Edition

Also available on IMSLP


“Traumerei” Op. 15 Scenes from Childhood, No. 7 by Robert Schumann

(Take first repeat)

Available on IMSLP or Any Standard Edition