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PPTA Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month @9:30am and are open to all members to attend; check back for location of board meetings as they will be in several different locations.

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 The Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association is a non-profit organization that promotes and maintains high standards of piano teaching by offering opportunities and motivation for the educational growth of the teachers and their students.


PPTA members’ students who are ages 16-19 as of April 15, 2020 are invited to apply to compete in the PPTA Scholarship Competition. There is no entrance fee for the competition and teachers may enter more than one eligible student. Applications are due by April 15, 2020.


The 2020 competition will be held Saturday, May 2 2020, at the PYCO School of Music, 150 Lake Dr, Ste 103, Wexford,  PA  15090

PPTA Scholarship Application

Entrants would perform a minimum of two contrasting pieces (of two different time periods) from standard repertoire chosen from the following lists:



  • NFMC Very Difficult I, Very Difficult II, or Musically Advanced Class I (Lists can be found in the NFMC bulletin.)


  • Performance Levels 11-12 Achievement in Music (STAR Evaluations) Syllabus


Entrants who perform a third piece by an American composer from these lists are also eligible to be considered for the American Music Prize.


A performance time limit of 20 minutes will be enforced.


Memorization of all repertoire performed is required. Applicant must provide to the audition committee at the audition one complete copy (or official publications if not in public domain) of all repertoire to be performed, with measures numbered.


The scholarship is a one-time award for all who place in the competition. Winners may not enter the competition in subsequent years. In the event that the American Prize winner does not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, they may compete again in a consecutive year.


Three outside judges (not PPTA members) will be hired to judge this competition. The auditions will take place behind a blind screen. The judges will not see the applicants or their names. The competition is a closed competition and no parents or teachers will be permitted in the audition room. The judges will use blind ballot procedures similar to MTNA competition judging guidelines:



The breakdown of prizes to be awarded is as follows:


1st place $2,000

2nd place $1,500

3rd place $1,000

American Music Prize $500 (this may be awarded to any of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners or other entrants. It is a prize for the best performance of an American composer’s music, but this piece must be one of a program of three pieces.)


First place and American Prize winners would be required to perform at the May PPTA competition winners’ recital in the year that they win the prize.


All competition participants will receive certificates of participation. No honorable mentions will be awarded. All awards are made at the judges’ discretion. The judges’ decision is final. Parents, guardians, and teachers may not challenge the judges’ decision.


Direct any inquiries to Mary Lynne Bennett, Scholarship Competition Chair,