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Student Composition Competition 


COMPOSING CONTEST is open to students through 12th grade, with four divisions based on grade. No limit on number of students per teacher. One composition per student. Applications must be post-marked by March 15, 2024.


Students are to play their own winning compositions and shall also receive their monetary awards and certificates at the general meeting in May 2024. In the event of absences, only 1st place winning compositions may be performed by a substitute. No tapes or recordings are permitted. (Be sure to obtain the current enrollment form! Contact the chairman or the website.) Entry fee: $10.00 per composition.


REMINDER: A teacher must be a paid member of PPTA by September 1, prior to the date of the competition.  The students must have worked solely with the PPTA member on all pieces performed or submitted for the competition.


Arnel Montgomery

Phone:  Cell: 412-860-7093
Home: 412-795-7947


Address: 6040 Poketa Road

 Verona, PA 15147


Student Composition Competition Application and Rules




Primary (Preschool, 1, 2, 3) 8 measure minimum

Elementary (Grades 4, 5, 6) 16 measure minimum

Junior (Grades 7, 8, 9) 16 measure minimum

Senior (Grades 10, 11, 12) 32 measure minimum



         Primary      Elementary        Junior             Senior

1st        $30                $30                  $40               $50

2nd       $20                $20                  $30               $40

Teachers of winners will be notified by email.

All Competition awards will be made at the discretion of the judge(s).

The judges’ decision is final and may not be challenged by teacher,

entrants, parents or guardians.

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