Event Day Volunteers

The Annual PPTA STAR Evaluations Event requires significant time donated by many volunteers.  Certain tasks must be performed by teachers, such as judging, but other tasks may be performed by anyone willing to donate time for the event.  Volunteers may be parents, teachers’ spouses, adult friends, non-participating PPTA members, or older students.  


The various jobs that must be performed are listed below, followed by a brief description of responsibilities.​


The Manager is onsite in the tabulating room all day on the day of the event.  He or she consults with the volunteer schedule and instructs and guides volunteers when needed.

Written Test Grader


This volunteer grades written theory tests by comparing the student’s answers to an answer key.  The volunteer must be able to read music, but does not have to be a teacher.  This job has tended to be  sporadic and may be combined with another job.


These volunteers pick up completed score sheets from the floor in front of testing rooms.  They must verify that the judge has signed the forms (returning unsigned forms to the judge to be signed).  After picking up the score sheets, Runners collate the sheets with the students’ written tests.  The sheets are then placed in a box for the Tabulator.  


The Tabulators verify all lines are filled in on the score sheets, especially the signature.  If there is a missing signature or other missing information, the Tabulators give the score sheets to the Runners to return to the judge.   Additionally, the Tabulator adds the numbers and records the TOTAL.  The score sheets are then given to the Certificate Maker. Whenever possible, two tabulators should be scheduled at all times.

Revised by Kim Jamison 10.11.17



This position must be filled at all times on the day of the event.  The Receptionist greets incoming students, teachers and parents at the registration Table.  As students arrive, they  check in at the registration table and receive directions from the Receptionist regarding rooms and other information as needed.

This important position needs to be filled with a mature individual who can remain calm when stressful situations arise.  Since this volunteer is the first PPTA representative who meets arriving families, the Receptionist needs to provide a warm, welcoming environment.

Merchandise Distributor


If available, another volunteer will also be at the registration table to help with distributing merchandise and selling extra T-shirts.

Certificate Maker

The Certificate Maker takes the tabulated score sheets and locates the correct certificate in an alphabetized stack. He or she then affixes the correct seal to the certificate based on the score as follows:  Gold Seal for scores of 90 or above, Silver Seal for scores of 80-89, and Bronze Seal for scores of 70 to 79.  No Certificate is given for scores of 64 or lower. The certificate and score sheets are then placed on chairs according to Teacher Code for pick up.

Set-up and Clean-up

Volunteers are needed to arrive before the event starts to help set up the registration table and the tabulation room. At the end of the day, volunteers are needed to help with gathering up the remaining T-Shirts, certificates, and all supplies used during the day.