Board Meetings

PPTA Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month @9:30am and are open to all members to attend; check back for location of board meetings as they will be in several different locations.

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Annual Pin with Neck Ribbon for display

Level 5

Olympic Style Medal

Level 8 Medal with "TOP TIER" ribbon

Annual Pins with Neck Ribbon 

plus Certificate  --  all students each year receive recognition for their involvement.  


Drape Medal  --  special recognition for completing Level 3.


Olympic-Style Ribbon Medal  --  for successfully completing Level 5.

"TOP TIER" medal with printed neck ribbon -- after successfully completing level 8.


Senior* or Level 12 Plaque 

*Seniors must have participated in evaluations at least five years



Awards* for Seniors


​$500 for seniors who complete level 12

$250 for seniors who complete level 11

$125 for seniors who complete level 10


(*awards require five year participation and a score of at least 90 percent on both theory and performance exams)


Also available... STAR T-Shirts -- memento  T-shirts with colorful designs and playful graphics are available for only $16.  Contact Suzanne Givi ( for ordering details.

Level 3

Drape Medal

Senior or Level 12 Plaque