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STAR stands for Skills, Theory, Artistry and Repertoire, and is the name of PPTA’s evaluation program for our members’ piano students.  Evaluations are currently held at PYCO School of Music in Wexford on the first Sunday in May. 

Students of all ages and levels can be evaluated in theory, technique, ear training, sight-reading, transposition and performance.  PPTA members are encouraged to enter school-age as well as adult students.

STAR Awards

  All students each year receive recognition for their involvement (Lapel Pin and Certificate).  Plus, a special recognition for completing Level 3 (STAR Medal), for successfully completing Level 5 (Olympic-Style Ribbon Medal), successfully completing level 8 (Star Performer "Top Tier" Medal and Neck Ribbon) and upon Graduation (Senior or Level 12 Plaque)


To participate in STAR Evaluations, teachers may purchase a 2014 AIM syllabus from the ISMTA at their website  To purchase the syllabus, click here .


With ISMTA's 2014 (most current) syllabus, the PPTA receives the benefits of ISMTA's research and continual effort to improve upon this exciting and motivating program for students, designed to develop strong performance and technical skills as well as a thorough understanding of musical theory.



Marsha Goulding

Further, ISMTA supports its AIM program and the PPTA through a multitude of free and low cost resources available through the ISMTA website.  These resources include:

  • Aural Skills Practice:  Recorded aural skills examples correlating to the sample exams at each level in the Syllabus. 

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