Board Meetings

PPTA Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month @9:30am and are open to all members to attend; check back for location of board meetings as they will be in several different locations.

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Teachers participating in the STAR Evaluations are required not only to serve as judges on evaluation day (currently the first Sunday in May), but also to serve on a least one STAR team during the school year.

(TL) Team Leader

AIM Syllabus

Purpose:  To document the differences between the AIM syllabus and STAR program, and ensure these differences are communicated to STAR participants.

2019 Team Members:  Suzanne Givi (TL), Anne Lin

Awards, Certificates & T-Shirts

Purpose:  To provide T Shirts, awards, and certificates for students 

2019 Team Members:  Suzanne Givi (TL), Lisa Rae Vaughan, Becki Lewis, PPTA President for signing

PYCO School of Music Liason

Purpose:  To procure the PYCO School of Music venue for Evaluations exams. Also, assign each judge a room for the day and makes the signs for the exam room doors.

2019 Team Members:  Anel Montgomery (TL), Sharon Spann

Event Day Scheduling

Purpose:  To develop and implement a system for scheduling students and Judges on event day.

2019 Team Members:  Marsha Goulding (TL), Cindy Karell, Linda Cordle

Event Day Volunteers

Purpose:  Recruits volunteers as needed, prior to the event

2019 Team Members:  Kim Jamison (TL), Cindy Karell, Arnel Montgomery

Judging Guidelines & Support

Purpose:  To prepare and implement guidelines for STAR Evaluation judges and train and recruit judges for the day of the event (participating teachers are all judges).

2019 Team Members:  Ellen Johnson (TL), Charlene Hubbard

Make-up Exams

Purpose:  To make exams available to students who weren’t able to make evaluation day.

2019 Team Members:  Devon Jackson (TL), Lisa Rae Vaughn, Sharon Spann

Registration - Teachers & Students

Purpose:  To ensure that teachers sign-up their students for the STAR Evaluations program on the Registration Form/Spreadsheet that is currently accessible through a google drive account at and to adhere to deadline dates.

2019 Team Members:  Charlene Hubbard (TL), Marsha Goulding

Scoring & Tabulation

Purpose:  To develop a system for scoring and tabulating exams.  This system will be used by volunteers in the tabulation room during event day.

2019 Team Members:  Ellen Johnson (TL), Marsha Goulding, Kim Jamison

STAR Recital

Purpose:  To organize and lead the Star Recital.

2019 Team Members:  Jo Ann Wagstaff (TL), Suzanne Givi

Exams & Scoresheets

Purpose:  To implement alterations to exams and score sheets.  Also, determine number of score sheets needed and bring copies to give to judges on final judges meeting.

2019 Team Members:  Jeanette Vollmer (TL), Marsha Goulding

Training & Recruitment

Purpose:  To educate new STAR teachers on the STAR program.  Communicate the benefits of STAR to new and current PPTA members

2019 Team Members:   Marsha Goulding (TL), Suzanne Givi

Fees & Payments

Purpose:  To determine and collect monies from registration fees and T-shirt sales.  Also, make payment to ISMTA for exams.

2019 Team Members:  Cindy Karell (TL), Kim Jamison

Website Updates

Purpose:  To ensure the STAR portion of the PPTA website is current.

2019 Members:  Marsha Goulding (TL), Jeanette Volmer